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One Step At a Time

Exercise…The need for movement, using our muscles. There is so many various opinions, which exercise is best, when is best to do them, how long to engage in strenuous activity. Some argue to run is the best overall or maybe to stretch, like Yoga or Pilates. Lets face it, we can make a lot of money selling the newest rage, it is jumping? Zumba? Cycling or spinning? Acrobatics….it can be quite overwhelming to be honest.

Let’s talk people…make it simple, that is really the only way you can or will commit to it. One Step At A Time. Really that is how it all started, taking one step forward. Whether that be

· A new business (super scary)

· A new goal

· A new routine or process

· A new journey

· A new move

All experts, physicians, nurses, coaches, personal trainers, are going to agree with me here, what ever you do, just start it, take that one step. Same goes for exercise, your only goal is to keep moving. It is true, that old saying “if you don’t use it you lose it”. That is true for your muscles and the ligaments and every part in the body. It is harder to sit still for our frames, to focus and listen if you lack muscle tone, especially in the abdominal area. As I am writing this (yes, I wrote it out first, I used a pen and paper) the muscles in my hand are aching as they have not had a lot of time writing lately. Same goes for all out muscles, including those in our feet. The foot contains more than 100 muscles that work together to keep us walking, jumping and moving and those muscles need to be used. As we sit around (a lot) the muscles in our feet will begin to atrophy, and they are not prepared for the weight to bear as they keep the rest of the body upright. The best exercise, I personally love, it will change your life, and in truth you are most likely already doing it, walking. One Step at A Time.

Start slow my friends, maybe 5 minutes extra walking in a day, then go for the 10 minutes, and keep on walking. I have read that 10,000 steps is the secret number. I usually measure by time when I am walking, not necessarily counting my steps. That said, the other day I bought myself a bella beat, a device that measures my steps as well as other things. I also am not great at filling my goals, I go as far as writing them, and working them but usually forget about them a few weeks in. I also do not do a great job in celebrating my victories, something I am going to change. There are times though, I will push through just, so I can cross it off the list.

So when I am walking I try to remind myself why,

· It increases muscle tone (and we all need muscle tone)

· It helps circulation everywhere

· It helps with weight control

· It is a great reason to own a dog!

· It can be done alone or with people

· Prevents our joints from contracturing (meaning stiffening up and becoming un useable)

· Increases relaxation and reduces stress

Annnddd It starts your journey to better health, walking helps us to live longer, with a better quality of life. That is the goal, right? After all healthy feet make great walking companions!

I know things can trips us up and be goal grabbers, Chronic pain, obesity (I am right there with you) diabetes, previous injuries, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and so many other health issues. Do let it stop you from taking One More Step, you can do this.

Here are some ways you can make walking and exercise a little easier on yourself.


Good comfortable proper fitting shoes (lets face it, I just gave you a great reason to go shoe shopping!) places to really focus on when looking at a shoe the width of the fore foot from the first metatarsal to the last metatarsal (base of the toes and across left to right)

These are the toe boxes of the shoe

To be honest this is where it is great to have a footcare nurse help out, did you know that we too love shoes! But seriously Little Piggies Footcare can give you a tracing and measurements to compare insoles and take the tears out of trying on shoes. As part of my assessments I am looking at your foot, and the shoes that you come in with. I help make the process of finding appropriate shoes less stressful and help you get walking!

The progress

Friends measure it some how, what ever way you need to get you celebrating. Set your goals and use what you have. Do you have a smart phone? It is a great tool find an app that measure the steps you take or has a GPS and shows you how long you walked. Or simply use a watch and mark your time. What ever the way you need to just do it!

The Reward

· You’ve done something you haven’t before.

· Increase in healthy processes and decrease your stress

· Communing with nature, friends at the gym, or you got a whole lot closer to that tread mill!

What ever inspires you to get out there and continue your Journey through life. And friends, may your feet be fabulous and pain free as you take just One More Step.

Cheers friends, and my your little piggies feel fantastic as you take your first steps

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