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November & Diabetes

Welcome November 2019. I cannot believe that it has come to this, 2 more months until we see the year 2020. Personally, remembering that I was in high school in 1999, I watched my parents start to get really nervous to see the year 2000. I remember they went out and got a kerosene heater, just in case. We did not know if the thermostats, the computers, well a lot of things would be able to compute 2000. Here we are 20 years later; it is so incredible to think that a lot of people thought we would not see this year. 20 years in the New millennium. This truly, is not what this post is about.

Did you know that November is considered national diabetes month? I found that out myself this year. I know pretty late in the game right?! So I decided that I would dedicate my time and posting to different aspects of this incredible disease, or journey, it really depends on your view of it. There is so much that we know, and we do not know of this disease. I live and went to school named after the discoverer of insulin. He saved so many young lives. Sir Fredrick Banting, you guessed it I went to Banting Memorial Highschool in Alliston ON. So I did a bit of research…

How many Canadians live with diabetes? (Prevalence)

According to the most recent data (Box 1), about 3.0 million Canadians (8.1%) were living with diagnosed diabetes in 2013–2014, representing 1 in 300 children and youth (1–19 years), and 1 in 10 adults (20 years and older). The prevalence of diagnosed diabetes generally increases with age and is higher among males (8.7%) than among females (7.6%), both overall and in most age groups


It has been estimated that 90% of diabetes cases among Canadian adults are type 2, 9% type 1, and less than 1% of a different type,Footnote2 while the large majority of diabetes cases among children and youth are type 1.Footnote1 Moreover, gestational diabetes is reported in about 5.5% of births.Footnote3

So what does this mean? Well it means that we all will know friends, family and colleagues that struggles with Diabetes. For me I am getting closer to that magic 40 years old….and I enter a new risk zone. Diabetes though is a manageable and livable disease. So many people have lived long and healthy lives. Look at these individuals, you just might recognize a few.

Did you know they have diabetes? I did not. This month I am dedicating to diabetes, on this blog and the Little Piggies Footcare channels and social media. I think that it is important that we get the word out there. After all the more we know the less scary it seems, and the more liveable it becomes. For me…..right in my line, and that magical age 40….well it is getting closer, every year…Which means that I am looking at that A1c and or fasting glucose numbers! But to be honest I feel that knowledge is power, and I plan to be super powerful!

Before diabetes, there is a pre diabetic stage, this is a great stage, because if you know it is something that you are dealing with, you can change it. This is the fork in the road time, the choice on where your journeys trajectory starts, and or the turning point. It is at this stage that a significant change in diet and exercise can be the difference between developing diabetes type 2 or not. It is always good to know right? So as much as we ignore, put off and try to avoid the doctor, nows the time to get the information. As a previous YouTube video reminds us, we are in charge of our own health. It is our decisions and choices that will inevitably decide the course of our journey. Health is as individual as you are. You know you, your diabetes story is yours. Different health care professionals and testing is to come along side you in your journey and try to equip you with the tools you need to stay healthy.

Diabetes can be an overwhelming diagnosis, but so livable. Arm yourselves with knowledge, resources and support systems, you can rock it!

Here are some resources you might find helpful; I know I did




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