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January Who Knew?!

March of dimes, National birth defects prevention month, pregnant, glaucoma awareness....

Health resolutions, goals, a beginning, hope

I asked the question in one of my youTube videos “What is health to you?” so I am going to ask it again, but maybe with a different spin on it. What you consider your ritual healthy habits, compared to what you consider your beauty habits and or routine. I find the answers vary so widely. It is because we all have different experiences in life, and we all have different ways we perceive health and beauty. For example, when I was growing up the idea of a pedicure never crossed my mind (and for the record neither did footcare) it was a frivolous expense, and in a small town, there was no one to do it. But as I grew up and out of my parent’s house, things looked different. Adulthood tends to. Personal hygiene like looking after my feet, well that was up to me, as was the polishing of them too! But I have talked to other people that have spent their lives going to spas and salons getting regular pedicures because that is how they care for their feet. One of my favourite memories was telling my family I was considering being a footcare nurse. Their response? Oh I know exactly what they do! I have been getting footcare for years now. Gotta love how life goes sometimes.

Now health, and the perception of it is as individual as you are. We all see things differently, some believe you can be healthy living with a disease, others health is only achievable with the absence of disease processes. Still others can see it as both, if you have a virus you are sick, even if you have another illness say diabetes, but it is the virus that makes you sick and affects your health, not the diabetes that currently is in control, and so on. That is what makes life interesting. Some believe that it takes a village to remain healthy others take it on themselves.

I had my first and last pedicure, okay maybe my second? Around the 8th month of my last pregnancy, just in time to attend my grand father’s funeral. I was so grateful; I could not care for my feet. The time before that was after I had my first son as a gift, and that resulted in an infection around my nail, antibiotics and wedge resection later, I resolved to trim those nails myself. I am still wondering how I got through my second sons’ pregnancy, that and his babyhood is a blur to me.

When I took the course about this time 2 years ago, I saw not only the need but the vast difference between a pedicure and a footcare session. We studied the anatomy of the foot the ligaments, the muscles, the blood supply. How wounds form and where we would expect them, what different nail pathologies can happen and what they look like. How calluses form and why with some footwear we get corns. How to predict what might happen if certain habits go on longer. I learned about how diabetes can affect the feet, about neuropathy, and health teaching and treatments. Footcare nursing is no joke it is 40 hours of learning, on top of a career already in nursing. So, there is a huge difference, although sometimes it appears as similar. I will often say, I see pedicures as a way of beautifying the foot, and footcare as keeping your foot healthy and you healthy and walking for as long as possible. Our feet along with our bodies tell a unique story, your story. I am still learning always learning more about health every step of the way. I truly believe I will never stop learning. The human body is so exquisite every single one different but the same. Your feet a magnificent part of it.

So, in your health journey walk good, what ever that looks like.

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