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If the Shoe fits

How many shoes do you own?

What is your logic behind your choices?

Me? I have shoes that match my routines. Some for dresses, or a dress up occasion (like church or a wedding) or running shoes for walking and running, well honestly, wogging…(a walk/jog hybrid) and then there is daily wear, a shoe for work, and or boot, a shoe to go out into the garden (hello crocs!)

In Ontario (where we live) usually there is 4 seasons, so, having multiple pairs are necessary and multiple uses also necessary.

Summer, that ones easy, flip flops and bare feet, and some maybe heels and or runners.

Spring, that is one wet and mucky (still sometimes cool) needs that waterproof what ever….and rock it!

Fall, well that is my favourite footwear season, that’s when the cute boots come out to play. The boots that are not really warm but are up the calf, or booties ankle length and are all the rage, you know those ones! And then the big bulky and warm….and taken off when you get there and then, well indoor footwear. So how many is that? at least 5 pairs!

Now add your need for indoor and outdoor shoes, my friend, a shoe lover is born!

According to a quick google search the first shoes were created similar to moccasins (they were leather soles and had leather straps)in Mesopotamia in 1600-1200 BC there was no difference between the left and the right sole. (as seen in www.thoughtco.com) the difference started being seen in our shoes in 1850 AD.

What about different types of shoes? They came along later, much later, they started appearing on scene circa 1832, at that time cobblers started playing around with different materials, like gluing a rubber sole under the leather. In 1920 Adolf Dassler created the modern (as we know it now) running shoe. From there, well an empire was born. I think we all agree we must use different shoes for different activities, otherwise we end up in discomfort. The most supportive shoes for athletic activities like running, are well running shoes. In this time of history there are so many options. Did you know that running shoes can help support many issues that plague our feet? Things like high arches and low arches, bunions (in some makes) and hopefully can stop your calluses from forming. Proper shoes can help prevent plantar fasciitis as can learning to run with out injury. Warning though – you often get what you pay form. Running shoes are no exceptions. I would encourage you to look at the materials used to make the shoe, and the company behind it.

All, before you buy it helps to know what plagues your feet. Foot pain is not normal. Are you prone to blisters? Or bunions? How about corns and calluses? It helps to have your foot issues reviewed by a footcare professional / specialist, they can provide some teaching about how to manage and what shoes help. They can also help you understand how shoes are meant to fit (that in itself is golden and a lot different then I was taught!) who is better to review all this with you, well your friendly neighbour footcare nurse. After all it takes a passion for soles (your soles!) o do this work. I my friend have that passion.

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