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Heart Health

As I finally get to sit down and write out this blog post, all I can think about is the white rabbit in Lewis Carols Alice and Wonderland. As he runs past Alice saying “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date” (cue the Disney version of the movie as I have yet to read the actual book…. It’s on my list)


So, the beginning of February 2020 has come and gone, and we even experienced the coolest date I think we might ever have a palindrome 02022020.


Yet the social media of Little Piggies remained silent, shame, but I have decided to move forward. There is so much other great things to focus on this month. What is your favourite thing about February?

For me it is lots of firsts, including my first baby boy he was supposed to be a valentine baby but as it seems to be a family flaw, he was late. Before way too many memories, and late stories start flowing from my fingertips I think I will turn our attention to our hearts. Not just on Valentines day, but even before that and really heart health.

February is Heart and Stroke month. Both have personally affected my family and continues to. I would hazard to guess that most if not all family lines will have a relative that has a heart issue. I think it would behove me to talk about how to keep a healthy heart.

Upon a quick google search any where from 5 to 28 tips to keep your heart healthy. That sounds complicated, but really, they cover the same things. Major players being exercising, daily 30 minutes five days a week or as WebMD states play at least 5 times a week. Next up to bat, help yourself by handling your stress and learning (or maybe you are already there) how to relax. Eat right, what a challenge, I mean what is right? RIGHT?! Include many vegetables, nice healthy omega 3 oils and olive oils, really I am not the best one to council on nutrition…..I am so not there yet.

Know your heart, after all it is part of your body, an essential part of your body. That means seeing your family Doctor, this way you can potentially having your own personal cardiologist (heart doctor). Look at cholesterol levels, electrolytes, blood pressure, blood sugar (there is a huge connection between diabetes and heart disease) A1C, iron, body mass index etc. All those that have been mentioned are often what your family Dr include in your yearly physical. Learn what best suits you, what your normal is and try to keep it going!

And rounding the bases for the home run (it has been a while since I have played and or used baseball analogies) is our habits, yes, our habits. Try to keep a healthy weight (your healthy weight) to stop too much stress on the body’s circulation and the more weight the harder the heart must work to keep it up. Don’t smoke (just do not start) if you have not that that plague you congrats. If it is a habit you have, I would urge you to consider quitting, it is bad for the heart and circulation (not to mention lungs), it can be the habit that causes potential vascular collapse and lead to toe and or foot amputations.

And celebrate[AM1] you, your health, your heart! It is never too late to start or to learn how to best take care of this vessel: our bodies which our hearts serve.

Happy February! I hope it is a fantastic one and you can put your best foot forward into 2020.


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