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Following your suit…next should be your footwear

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

This weekend I found myself watching the event of the year: the Royal wedding, of Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle.

I joined millions of Canadians as I watched the processions and listened to a sermon. (The love of God is universal, and quite frankly everyone needs Jesus!)

The gowns were gorgeous. The guests- surprising! I did not really expect to see so many celebrities, now please understand, I have no idea who Meghan Markle is, or what her influence in Hollywood is.

I ooowed and ahhed with everyone. I looked at the outfits and laughed at a few, and I loved the wedding dress. BUT what does a footcare nurse REALLY look at?

SHOES 😊 of course and that there were many of those.

I love to look at shoes and what they do for our feet. As I looked at some, I thought, wow, that woman must have a lot of corns, or oooh she looks like she needs orthotics, or wow men’s shoes all look the same. I wonder if my husband likes the oxfords that he has. Do all the men in England wear them?

And, as I watched, I imagined some of the conversations that I believe took place.

Why do I have to be in closed toe shoes in this sandal weather?”

Oh, I am so happy to step out of these shoes! I had no time to break them in!

Did you see the Queen? I love her suit but why black shoes with it?” did she know it is after Easter season?

Oh, I did not see the fine print about not wearing sandals

Wow, I have never needed to curtsy before!

Now I need to address my best friend as Her Royal Highness, that is going to take a minute to adjust to

Most of all I imagine hearing “wow those two are really in love” “I am so happy for them

Shoes can be so creative, they allow us to embody a different personality without worry that you have gained another 10 lbs. Some types of shoes are those you wear sometimes, and others, well they are everyday shoes. It is good to have both. A good shoe can make walking worth it, a bad one well it puts you in a bad mood. If it is just for a little while and you have a partner to cling to (depending on the heel!) shoes can instill confidence, and make you feel beautiful. At 5’2 they make me feel like I am so tall!

I hope you enjoyed the footage. Now that you have read this, happy shoe looking.

I hope your Victoria Day weekend went well, that you enjoyed the Royal Wedding. I may have cried a little when they played “God Save the Queen”

Stay safe and keep your little piggies happy!

Amanda Mooij BScN RN

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