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Frequently asked questions

When do I need footcare?

It is important to consider having a nurse care for your feet if you are unable to visualize the whole toenail to cut it have limited range of motion and cannot bend down easily your feet have corns or callouses you cannot reach you have neuropathy and or limited feeling in your feet, or a condition that causes neuropathy your toenails are thick and you are unable to cut them you have athletes foot and need some new ideas on how to deal with it you have circulation issues

How Frequently do I need to have footcare done?

For most people it is between 6-8 weeks. Some people prefer every 4 weeks, it is your preference

What is the difference between footcare and pedicures

The goal of footcare is to maintain the health of your feet. Proper footcare can help you stay mobile longer. With a nurse monitoring your health, you have someone who can talk to your health care team, give medication and call doctors about your case. Also we can test the degree of neuropathy that is present. A pedicure...well to be honest is about how pretty your feet can look! the focus is on painted toenails, and nice soaks.