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Little Piggies Footcare
now has a clinic!

 When Little Piggies Footcare was dreamed up, created; I envisioned not only a mobile service but having a place to call our own.  To be able to serve my community in different ways.  With that in mind, a clinic was the best place to do just that.  Not only would I be able to provide more services, I would be able to provide education for other nurses wanting to become a footcare nurse.  Education for my clients who found themselves with very real diagnoses  that would alter their life.  Education about those diagnoses and how to cope in their day to day lives.  We could teach them strategies that improve their quality of life and support them at home and in the community. To keep our loved ones independent and walking longer.  To have healthcare nursing healthcare in a different capacity then in a hospital setting, where our clients feel valued, feel cared about and feel like a whole person not a number.  It was always a dream to see our community have fantastic footcare.  But now that we have expanded not only our location, our staff but also our expertise. 

now you can visit us at

6 Mill Street Alliston ON L9R 1S8

Little Piggies Footcare care now offers many other services as well as fantastic footcare!

  • Diabetes coaching, helping you navigate a challenging and life changing diagnosis.

  • Diabetes Education specific to your individual needs. 

  • Support Groups and Events.

  • Wound care with a specialized nurse who has expertise in wounds. 

  • ABPI's and compression fitting. 

We also provide education for workplaces and other healthcare professionals to help them give you and your loved ones the best care possible!

 The addition of a physical clinic has been a labour of love. I am so excited to share it with all our amazing clients, and hopefully many new ones as well.  

I invite you to join us for a grand opening Saturday April 22 2023 from 1-4 where we will be having a silent auction and a raffle with all proceeds going to My Sisters Place 

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